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  • Essays on Probabilistic Machine Learning for Economics 

    Kuhlen, Nikolas
    This thesis consists of three essays that explore the use of probabilistic machine learning techniques in combination with information-theoretic concepts to answer economic questions. Over the past years, economists have ...
  • Bargaining Theory 

    Muthoo, Abhinay (1988-01-29)
    This thesis is devoted to the study of bargaining using the methods of non-cooperative game theory. In Part I (chapters 1 and 2) we examine the role of commitment in bilateral bargaining. Two different notions of commitment ...
  • Inequality in Political Representation 

    Lee, Su-Min
    In many countries the near-universal right to vote in elections has been a core attribute of their democratic institutions for decades, and in some cases over a century. However, the political experience of many of these ...
  • Foreign Vulnerabilities, Domestic Risks: The Global Drivers of GDP-at-Risk 

    Lloyd, S.; Manuel, E.; Panchev, K. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2021-07-29)
    We study how foreign financial developments influence the conditional distribution of domestic GDP growth. Within a quantile regression setup, we propose a method to parsimoniously account for foreign vulnerabilities using ...

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