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The School of the Humanities and Social Sciences covers a wide range of disciplines with differing methodologies, from highly quantitative analysis of ‘big data’ to ethnography and the analysis of the material culture and thought of past societies. The geographical range is equally broad, with specialist centres in Latin America, Africa and South Asia, as well as Development Studies and the specialists within each Department or Faculty.

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  • Alena Lidzhieva, Devl 

    Dovurkaev, Karu; Churyumov, Anton (2015-06-12)
    Alena says that her paternal auntie sewed traditional robes called devl. Her auntie also made winter coats out of animal skin. In the past everyone wore traditional dress. Trousers were also made of skin. It was usually ...
  • Collection as (Re)assemblage: Refreshing Museum Archaeology 

    Wingfield, Christopher Robert
    A number of recent publications, including a recent special issue of World Archaeology, have engaged with museum collections as assemblages that can be studied in their own right. This paper attempts to refigure ‘collection’ ...
  • Lidzhi Amikov, A Legend About the Origins of Ik, Dund and Bag Khurul 

    Kovaeva, Bair; Churyumov, Anton (18/05/2016)
    The Ik Khurul (Big Temple) was situated in the village of Arshan’-Zel’men’, the Dund Khurul (Middle Temple) in the village of Khanata and Ungn Teryachi, and the Bag Khurul (Small Temple) near Khargata lake. Among them the ...
  • Galina Yavanova, Legends of the Bogdakhin Clan 

    Terbish, Baasanjav; Churyumova, Elvira (25/09/2015)
    According to a legend, the Dalai Lama V and the Panchen Lama IV gave the Kalmyk people a mobile temple as a present. A group of Kalmyks (who were founders of the Bogdakhin clan) were given a task to protect that temple on ...

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