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  • A cumulative meta-analysis of the effects of individual physical activity interventions targeting healthy adults 

    Love, Rebecca; Adams, Jean Margaret; Van Sluijs, Esther Maria; Foster, C; Humphreys, D
    Despite a large and increasing evidence base on physical activity (PA) interventions, the high rates of physical inactivity and associated chronic diseases are continuing to increase globally. The purpose of this cumulative ...
  • On Giant Components and Treewidth in the Layers Model 

    Feige, Uriel; Hermon, Jonathan; Reichman, Daniel (2016-05)
  • Storytelling in Northern Zambia, 1988 - 89 

    Cancel, Robert (World Oral Literature Project, 1988)
    Storytelling performances collected in 1988-89 from five Bemba-speaking ethnic groups: Bemba, Bisa, Bwile, Lunda and Tabwa. Soundtrack is in original language with English subtitles. Video material is the basis of a ...
  • Phur ba Ritual 5a 

    Mayer, Robert (World Oral Literature Project, 2010-02)
    Dr Cathy Cantwell and Dr Rob Mayer, of Oxford University, undertook an AHRC-funded research project to study the Bon Phur pa tradition descending from the 12th century figure of Khu tsha zla ‘od. The project ran from May ...

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