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  • Company Colonisation and the Settler Revolution, 1820–1840 

    Birchall, Matthew (2021-10-05)
    This dissertation examines the cluster of agricultural trading and colonisation companies that emerged in the wake of the Napoleonic wars. It argues that company colonisation in Britain’s settler empire was driven by ...
  • Friedrich Carl von Savigny and the Politics of Legal Pluralism in Germany, ca. 1810-1847 

    Johann, Charlotte
    This dissertation investigates the relationship between law and the state in early nineteenth-century Germany, traced through the lens of one jurist’s engagement with legal reform: the scholar and Prussian statesman Friedrich ...
  • Frenzy in early modern England, 1485–1640 

    Carter, Philippa (2021-10-14)
    This thesis examines diseases of the mind and brain as they were understood in early modern England, with a focus on the condition known to contemporaries as ‘frenzy’. Frenzy was an inflammation of the brain which caused ...
  • National Socialism in Contested German Borderlands, 1922-1933 

    Hulsrøj, Luisa
    This dissertation examines how the special conditions of Weimar Germany's contested borderlands shaped the activities and evolution in them of the ascendant Nazi movement. For this comparative project, it draws on material ...

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