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  • Literary Praxis and Pedagogic Philosophy in British Educative Fiction after Rousseau 

    Melvill, Oliver (2020-07-18)
    Finding its origin in the educational philosophy forwarded by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 1760s, this thesis examines how the experimental system of education proposed in Emile or On Education (1762) was received and ...
  • Mirror, Mirror: the Growth of Mirror Journals 

    Sewell, Claire (2019-06-19)
    Open Access can be hard to understand at the best of times but one term that causes particular confusion is ‘mirror journals’. Promoted as one way of solving the problem of a lack of publisher interest in Open Access, these ...
  • Sampling Configurational Energy Landscapes 

    Griffiths, Matthew (2019-07-19)
    The computational analysis of high dimensional surfaces is a fundamental problem across a wide range of scientific fields, for example in the study of models of clusters of atoms, glasses, self-assembling systems, and ...
  • The InterMine Android app: Cross-organism genomic data in your pocket 

    Komkova, Daria; Lyne, Rachel; Sullivan, Julie; Yehudi, Yo; Micklem, Thomas
    InterMine is a data integration and analysis software system that has been used to create both inter-connected and stand-alone biological databases for the analysis of large and complex biological data sets. Together, the ...

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